Elena Aldi

Writer – Teacher – Dancer

In my ballet classes I work on the strength and the elasticity of the body reached by lengthening the muscles and breathing. Respect for the possibilities of each body and its alignment are the basis for creating a stable placement and the ability to move freely through the space. Listening to the body and finding one’s own way are the keys to improve and enjoy.

From the very beginning of my dance training, I felt that modern/contemporary dance was the body language that suited me best, the one that gave me the chance to fully express myself. I have trained in, such as

My modern/contemporary class combines different styles and techniques I have trained in, such as Graham, modern, contemporary dance, floorwork, contact and improvisation. To sense the body, to know its possibilities and to enjoy moving in space are the principal aims of my class.

I begin with a gentle warm up on the floor, paying attention to the different body parts, exploring their functioning and finding a natural flow of movement. Then, I propose some exercises to align, strengthen and open the body. In the last part, I offer a variety of combinations to explore various dynamics and movement qualities.

I enjoy helping my students find a personal way to feel comfortable with their dance and to express themselves freely.