Elena Aldi

Writer – Teacher – Dancer

Gemme di luce (Gems of light)

Gemme di luce


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Gemme di luce was born from an unknown and primordial fear and in an entirely unexpected way it took over its own growth, as if it knew how to blossom: I have only been a channel.

The books’ purpose is to bring to the surface current controversial issues – among which our relationship with ourselves, with time and work, with the other and with the nature – to invite the readers to delve into themselves and reconsider their lifestyles, and to help transform fear into a creative force.

Gemme di luce encourages the reader to raise questions, to change perspective, to get involved. To face one’s own essence and to find the courage to shine again.

L’anima viola (Purple Soul)

L’anima viola


Order my auto-biographical journal, available in Italian here or contact me for a signed copy.

I started writing in 2009 for a simple reason: I was scared. 
There was nobody to speak to, I had many responsibilities and I had to keep going, to accomplish things, to be fully present.

Writing a few lines on the back of my agenda was much better than taking a sedative, going to the Church or boring a friend with my insecurities.

It was a moment of big changes and there writing appeared, it took me by my hand and helped me. Writing was a sort of miracle: it was working. I began to feel better, to become freer and less weighed down, to silence those noisy thoughts that used to make me so nervous and drained all my energies.

At that time, writing was already accompanying me on my trips through Italy and Europe and the notebook and the pen were always ready to support me during the challenges in realizing my dream: becoming a professional dancer.

The notebooks – at the moment of writing there are dozens and dozens – gathered the experiences, the encounters, the choices and the reflections of a very important stage of my life: the one during which I began to look inside myself, to listen to that subtle voice, whispering “have faith!”.

So, I began to be confident, to respect and love myself and others. 
Thus writing – as well as dancing – became my traveling companion.